Winter Tour 2018

see small writeup below

It had been one year and four months since Rarity had last hit the pavement. It felt different this time. There was a sense of comradery that had never been there before. We didn't care that it was going to be freezing. We were just excited to be a bunch of smelly dudes living out of a van again.

Day 1:
In the early morning, Loeden, Cole, and I met in Oakville to clean out the van which hadn't been gutted in months. It was literally just Evans old drum heads and bags full of Taco Bell wrappers. After that adventure, we met everyone at my house. We proceeded to hit the Wendy's and set off to Windsor, ON. A 3 hour drive turned into 7 hours when good old Vanne Hathaway misfired on the highway. None of us have any knowledge of how cars work. We are very fortunate to have such an honest and trustworthy mechanic who was willing to jump on the phone with us right away (hit him up if you live in Hamilton - I learnt more about cars in those few hours than I had in my entire life.

We managed to make it to the show an hour before our set time. It was an absolute blast. I think it had been something like 2 years since we last played in Windsor. It was incredible to see so many familiar faces again and if any of you who were there that night read this. I just want you to know how much we appreciate you. A bad day turned into a great evening and we can't thank you enough!

Day 2:
We wake up in our friend Gibel's apartment and priority #1 was to get the van to a Canadian Tire for a repair (it was a Sunday and every decent mechanic in the city was closed). Our presumptions were right. We fried a coil. It was a relatively cheap fix. Thankfully.

We made our way to the border and set off to Chicago to crash with the Belmont dudes! And with some classic Rarity luck...the van misfires AGAIN. Luckily, there was a mechanic directly across the street from the Belmont house. We roll into their spot and Alex from Belmont busts open a bottle and talks Cole into a drinking competition. It's one of my favourite memories from the tour. They literally got drunk for absolutely no reason at all. Cole was SUPER hungover in the morning. Definitely made us feel better about everything that had happened with the van. What a weird way to start this tour haha.


I couldn't find time to finish this write up but I hope you enjoy reading about the first couple days. We could do more of these in the future if you guys found it interesting. Just let us know!