Last show just ended. Pittsburgh, PA, Aug 4th. Now I’m in a van and the very first thing I want to do is write about it. So I am. Rarity just booked in-house and played 60 shows across all of Canada and the United States. That’s a whole-ass continent. A pipe dream last summer, but with the Longest Lonesome finally ready (and a healthy dose of impatience) we wanted to fill our year with new stories, new friends and really just throw ourselves into it. We wanted to grind it out, bring the new record to people who might never find it, and push the band in a way we hadn’t before. 

We gave ourselves all the heavy lifting and I am so flipping proud of all of us for what we achieved.

Canada- Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Coast to coast you brought the love and filled rooms we never would have expected to see full. We saw so much of our beautiful country this year, both landmarks and people. We tried new food, explored new cities and brought as much rock and roll as we could fit in our trailer (it’s a big trailer, we brought a lot). Needless to say we’ll be back very soon with a whole slew of new songs to yell at you.

America- You truly made us feel welcome this summer. It’s a scary thing booking a tour in a different country; you feel blind and you just have to put yourself out there. We just played 30 of our favourite shows ever. Thank you to anyone who came out, told us a story, sang Exhale with us and brought us into their homes. I’m legit just in a van on the way back home reminiscing about the last month, smiling ear to ear!

What do we do now? Well we have an album to release. August 30th The Longest Lonesome will be available to everyone and we are thrilled for everyone to finally have it. It’s cliche but we can’t stress how much the support over the last year has directly had a positive impact on the band. Every pre-order, share, re-post, re-blog, hand-written letter and tattoo has and will resonate with us forever. Even just telling your friends helps push The Longest Lonesome to places we could never reach on our own. Thank you to anyone involved with this band. 

This month will be sick too, we have a lot of fun stuff to do in preparation for the new record. New tours are booked for the fall, Evan STILL has a sample pad, so, you know, there’s a lot of fun stuff to look forward to. 

Thank you to all the bands, companies, agents, promoters and fans for making this possible. Romancer, Calling All Captains, Heavy Hearts, Sleepshaker, Anyone Anyway, Roseview, West Means Home, Noise Brigade, Casey, Joe Day, Matt Spafford, Christian Wagner, Chris LeMasters, Brandon DaCosta, Vic Firth, Ernie Ball, Bird Audio, Dark Glass, New Damage and Dine Alone Records.

Thank you for giving us patience and love when we needed it. Rarity is the best we’ve ever been now and it’s entirely thanks to you all. If you’re reading this, pat yourself on the back. Find someone to give you a hug for us. 

  • Adam, Loeden, Evan, Corbin, Cole, and Brandon

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